Preachers preaching on works rather than on Jesus

It seems to me there has been a great emphasis on Christian working for Jesus! Some preachers use positive re-enforcements, telling us what a wonderful person we are, building us up and then sending us out to find a need and fill it. Other preachers use guilt, that the whole world is going to hell and it’s up to us to witness and do good works in order to win the lost for Jesus. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t be encouraged to do good works, but before a person can go out and witness for Jesus they need to know WHO He is. If a pastor is preaching Jesus then a person’s faith is built up, and it’s not built up in their own abilities and talents, but In God. When I see Jesus as my shepherd I realize that He is a good shepherd, looking out for me, providing for me and doctoring me when I’m hurt. He gives me rest when I’m tired, comfort when I’ve been emotionally hurt.

I had been listening to some old preaching tapes on Jesus when some Mormon missionaries had come to my door. I asked them if I could share with them before they started in about Joseph Smith and the Mormon church. I presented the gospel to them and was able to answer their questions using teaching I had learned from the tapes I had been listening to. This type of teaching equipped me to be a more effective witness. Of course, even that couldn’t have been possible without the Holy Spirit bringing to my mind the things that needed to be said.

It’s not that Christians don’t want to witness, it’s simply a matter of not being equipped to witness. If all the emphasis are on doing something for the Lord and not on the Lord then we having nothing to give to those around us. The whole Bible pivots around Jesus. He is the Alpha (beginning) and the Omega (the end).