Leaving behind

Sunday morning as I got up the Holy Spirit was reminding me of Abraham. God had asked Abraham to leave his clan, his country, and all that was familiar to follow Him. As I meditated on this scene in my head I realized what a leap of faith this was for Abraham. In those days the only safety was with your clan. All young boys had to learn to fight to survive the harsh world they lived in. Marauding bands of cutthroats could sweep down on a community and wipe them out, stealing everything thing they wanted, ravishing their women and killing anyone that got in their way. So banding together as a community was essential for survival.

Abraham was asked to leave all that behind and follow a God he could not see! Jesus said to Thomas, the disciple that doubted His resurrection, “Thomas, because thou hast seen me,┬áthou hast believed: blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed.” (John 20:29 KJV)

We too, like Abraham are asked to believe in Jesus without ever seeing Him. Yet in all this we are so blessed. Giving up the Kingdom of Darkness, for the Kingdom of Light is no sacrifice. The Kingdom of Heaven is upside down compared to our modern day cultural. We are told whomever wants to be first must be last. Position doesn’t bring lasting contentment. To be admired and loved by the world doesn’t fill the hole within us. But, coming to understand God’s unconditional love for us fills our hearts to over flowing. Being baptized in His Holy Spirit is indescribable. Learning to walk by faith with His Holy Spirit leading us is an adventure so much more than anything this world has to offer.