Broken Pieces

I have a dear friend that has been rejected, abused, violated, and abandoned by people that should have cherished and loved her. As I was worshipping the Lord in church this past week the Lord showed me a picture and told me it was for my friend.
I saw in this picture broken pottery pieces scattered on the ground. I could tell those broken pieces had been there a long time for the edges were no longer sharp. They had been worn smooth with time. The Holy Spirit told me to look closer, as I gazed on the pottery pieces I saw a variety of beautiful flowers growing up through the broken pottery pieces.
The next morning I was prompted to call my friend and describe the picture I saw.
When I got her on the phone and started describing the picture God gave specifically for her, the Holy Spirit burst forth with a beautiful word for her. I can’t even remember all that was said. The gist of it was that God created beauty within all her brokenness. This beauty God created shows His glory in what He can do with a life that has been broken in so many pieces by the selfishness of this world. She started crying and told me she had just been praying and was asking God what He could do with all the broken pieces of her life!

Later that week as I thought of that picture I asked the Lord why He didn’t remove all the broken pieces, and I was reminded of His hands and feet. He was broken for us and when we see His scars we see the glory of God!

Here is a little poem I wrote.

See the broken pieces Lord
Scatter on the ground
Look at all the brokenness
Scatter all around

He said look again
Tell me what you see
I saw beauty bursting forth
Coming from the pieces

But why my Lord did you not
Clear away the broken pot
Why the scars Lord for all to see

Then He showed me
His hands and feet
It was then, I finally saw
All the beauty of the scars

It was in His broken pieces that
He was glorified and when we look
at Him we see the beauty of the scars

Now I look so differently
At the wonder of His plan
Now I see the beauty
in all the broken pieces.