Quick review for 2014

So much has been happening in my life since my last post. Last summer (2014) I met a lady named Carol. She and a couple of people from her church were walking down our street with the hopes of sharing Jesus with people. Since we connected up I have gone with her witnessing. My life has shifted tremendously since meeting her.

I went to a workshop in September called, “Simply the Story”. It is a fantastic way to learn how to teach the word. It is an interactive, oral teaching style that causes people to actually remember the Bible Studies. If  you’re interested in learning about this comment below and I’ll get you the link. They will come to  your church and teach this workshop.  This same organization teaches how to witness. I have learned so much from them.

I also got involved with intercessory prayer in my own home. I did have one horrible experience that came out of that. Only by God’s grace was I able to move on past this. A person I prayed with for 9 months betrayed me. I forgave her and tried to meet with her to resolve issues, but she kept backing out, so finally, I let it go. Anyway, this experience put me in bad light within my church leadership. It’s another one of those things that God is working to pull out of me and that is the need of validation from spiritual leaders.   I do believe I’m stronger as a result of this experience.

I came really close to giving up on attending church,  but I’m still here. True to his nature, the enemy of our souls tried to torment me with false accusations. We must never forget our true identity!

God graciously brought other ladies into my life who have a tremendous depth of understanding of God and pray with me on a weekly basis. Unfortunately, one dear friend is moving out of state.  I’m not sure what my next writing project will be. I tried to write about the kingdom of heaven here on this earth, but I think it’s too big for me to write on it. I keep getting bits and pieces of revelation. Maybe one day I’ll try again.

I was so passionate about writing, but going out and sharing Jesus with people is becoming my new love. I still love to write, but it takes so much time to get the final draft complete and publishable. Grammar is not my strength. It is something I keep striving to improve. My book, “Legalism, the Other Gospel, was not professionally edited. I’ve learned so much about writing since it was publish and I cringe at all the mistakes. I remind myself Jesus used rough fishermen, so maybe He can use me. I just know the paradigm shift in my life was so tremendous it was too important not to share with others.